How To Keep Your Cat Away From Your Bed

Why should you keep your bed away from your bed.
Some cat owner enjoys sleeping with their cats. Research shows that sleep with cats can cause lots problems. It’s bad for both the health of owner and your cats.
1. Allergy and Asthma
Some pet owners are allergic to short and soft hair from their cat. if your cat jump to your bed and sleep with you, it will cause allergy to your skin or cause asthma. Allergy can make your skin itchy and asthma can make you breath difficult. If you have been diagnosed by your doctor that you are allergic to cat hair, be attention and avoid sleeping with your cat. Many doctors’ advice is get rid of your cat if you are easily allergy. However, if you insist to raise a cat, you can keep your cat out of your bedroom and install HEPA filter to eliminate allergens while you are sleeping
2. Keep Your Kitten away from injury
Compare to human, kitten is small size animal. For most people, they may turn over while sleeping; they don’t keep the same sleeping posture. Therefore, while your cats are sleep near you, you may hurt your cat and cause crush injury to your cat while you are asleep. And if your cats are sleeping in your quilt, it may also cause them apnea.
3. Cats are used to playing during night time
Feline always sleep for over 15 hours a day. However, their sleeping habit is quite different from human. Most feline are active at night because they need to use dark light night as cover to pray in the wild. Although cats are living in your house as pet. They still keep their nature. Therefore cats may run all over your bedroom when you are sleeping in the middle of the night. They may wake you up by knock down some small items in your bedroom. Also some cats may prod or scratch you, even some cats may sit on your face or your chest, to watch you or catch your attention. These behaviors definitely will interrupt your sleep. However, if your exhaust your cat by playing with them in the daytime, they can sleep throughout the night with you.
4. Some cats may pee on the bed
Generally, cats are used to pee on their little sand box which the cat owner prepares for them. But if your let them sleep with you, for some anxiety cats, sometimes they may pee on your bed. Also some aged cats they can’t control their urethra, there are great chance that they pee on your bed. Another reason for cats to pee on your bed is that your have a bad behavior cat and it’s difficult to train or educate them. Therefore, no matter in which case, it’s risky to let your cat sleep on your bed. You may need to wash your sheet from time to time. That frustrates most cat owners.
5. Flea and parasite problem
Unlike human, animal is not always cleaning themselves. For example, cats clean themselves just by licking their hair. If the cat owner doesn’t bathe them from time to time, flea and other parasites will grow on their skin and inside the hair of your feline friend. Under such circumstance, if you share your bed with your cat, it just like sharing your bed with flea and parasites. Especially for cats which enjoy outdoor activities, ticks,toxoplasma gondii and other parasites will be a great threaten to your health. Flea can bite you while you are sleeping, make your skin itchy.toxoplasma gondii can be one of the biggest threaten to pregnant woman. Other parasite is also bad for your health. If you allow your cat to sleep with you, visit your vet and ask his advice, bathe your cat every week. Try your best to keep your cat inside your home.
How to keep your pet cat away from your bed.
1. Prepare Cat Bed
2. Educate them when they are kitten
3. Close the door of your room while sleeping
4. Use mosquito bed tent
5. Create a routine for your cat
6. Trim the nails for your cat

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