Why Dogs Peeing On The Floor In Your House.

When you are keeping a pet dog, it’s your responsibility to take care of it. You have to offer them food, take care of it when it sick. Of course you need to clean the floor when they accidentally pee on the floor. Sometimes you may be frustrating because your dog pees in your house. So you have to find out why your pet dog pee in your house on the floor. By this way, you can stop its inappropriate urinary behaviors.

1. Puppy dog

Animals are similar to human; the new born puppy dog can’t control itself during puppyhood. So puppy dog will peeing in the house. In this case, as owner, you must train tithe house training for a puppy dog take times, so you need to be little more patient. After the house training complete, your puppy dog won’t pee in the house.

2. Aging dog

Generally,dogs can live for 8 to 16 years. When dogs are getting old, it will become dementia or senility, which will lead to pee in the house. Old dogs will forget their house training. Senility also can cause kidney failure. In this case, owner should go to the pet clinic for help. And many people use doggie diapers or absorbent pads to solve the urinary issues. Senility is inevitable for each pet dogs.

3. Urinary tract problem

Sometimes when the urinary tract is infected by bacteria,it could cause the house peeing problem. Generally when a well-trained pet dog suddenly start peeing in the house, it’s possible that there is some urinary tract infection which is the most common seen health problems in dogs.

4. Incontinence

If you pet dog is a young adult dog. And the peeing in the house is unconsciously. Just leaking or dribbling on the bed or on the floor during the naps. It’s big possibility cause by incontinence. This is also health problem for dogs. In most case, incontinence can be treated by medication. Different from incontinence, if your pet dog pees large quantities in the house, it’s may be the training problem.

After knowing why your pet dog is peeing on your floor, you can find out how to stop the inappropriate urinary behaviors.

1. Re train your dog if it’s a puppy dog or young adult dog with inappropriate behavior.
2. Increase potty breaks.
3. If it’s health problem of your dog, go to the vet for medication help.
4. Don’t hit or shout at your dog. For aging dogs, use doggie diapers or absorbent pads.

Don’t not hit your dog or send them away after finding they peeing in the house, as owner, you should be more patient with your companion furry friends. You can help your pet dog to stop the inappropriate behaviors step by step.

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