How To Choose Toys For Your Pet

Choose the right toys for your pet dog

They are so many types of dogs all around the world. Golden Retriever,Husky,Labrador retriever etc. For different types of dogs, pets owner should choose the appropriate toys for your pet dog. As we know, toys are important for your pet dogs.And also pet owner should consider the safty,fun and durable of the toys.

Before you choose toys for your pet dog, take these factors into consideration.

1. The size of your dog.
Although there are some common toys for most dogs. Different size of dogs required different toys. For large dogs, their toys are different.

2. The character of your dogs

For some gentle dogs, soft and squeaky dog toys are appropriate. They won’t tear their toys apart or make noise from the squeaky toys. If the character of your dogs is different. You should prepare some sturdy toys for them. For dogs which like to rip apart their toys. They may be curious or anger about the squeaker which is put inside the plush toys. And after the plush toys are rip apart, some dogs may swallow the squeak source, which can cause dangerous for their health.

For gentle dogs, owners can choose soft plush or squeaky toys for them.

For high energy and anxiety dogs, pet owners can choose sturdy rubber chewing toys for them. Also high energy dogs need more exercise; you can give them flying discs or big tennis balls. However, pet owners need to play fetch game with their pet dogs with flying disc or big tennis balls Suction cup rope toys is also great for high energy dogs.

3. The environment where your dog stays most in.
The indoor toys and outdoor toys are different. If your dog stays indoor more than outdoor, pet owner should prepare more indoor toys. Therefore they won’t damage your furniture of floor. Bite-resistant toys are perfect for most dogs stay indoors. Flying disc, big tennis ball and rope toys are good for dogs playing outdoors.

4.The toys to train your pet dogs.

If you want to train your dogs, there are some specific toys for them. Treat toys and puzzle toys are excellent for them.

5. Make sure it’s safe toys for your dogs.

No matter what kinds of toys you choose for your pet dogs, make sure it’s safe for them. We do not recommend using rawhides or rawhide type toys. Rawhides soften when chewed and can become stuck in a dog’s throat.

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