How To Choose The Best Pet Nail Grinder For Your Dogs And Cats

When you have a pet, no matter it is a cat or dog. You need to trim their nails from time to time. It’s not only important for the health of your pet, but also important for safety of owner. Long nails of your pet can do harm to your furniture and carpet, and also harm for the health of your furry friend.

To choose the best dog nail cat mail grinder, you should consider before you place the order.

Safety of the dog nail grinder

The nail is part of the body organ, if you cut too deep, it will hurt your dog. And also when you choose dog nail grinder, you have to consider

1.1 The spin rate of the drum.

Check if the speed of the dog nail grinder can be adjustable or not. The grinding time should less than 5 seconds, because the friction will generate heat which will hurt your dog. .For your pet’s safety, it should not be more than 5 seconds for one lasting time, and be aware to adjust the grooming angle to polish pet nails. Therefore, a dog nail grinder with speed adjust switch is important.

1.2 If the dog nail grinder have protective sleeve.

With protective sleeve, it won’t easily dram the hair near the paw into the grinder. The first thing you want to do is make sure there will be no hair in the way. If your dog has long hair, you need to band it back so there’s no chance it can get caught in the grinder’s spinning tip. If your dog has long hair on his paws and between his foot pads, it’s best to trim it first to lessen the risk of catching it in the grinder. Using a small nylon stocking or sock over the pet’s paw and push the nails through a hole at the end to ensure only the nails are exposed is a good using tips for your reference.

Noise of the dog nail grinder

If a grinder with large noise, it will scare your dog. Nail trimming is already an unpleasure thing for them, the noise from the grinder will make your dog run away quickly. So choose a pet nail grinder with noise less than 50 db.


Choose the dog nail grinder which is portable and cordless

With a portable and cordless dog nail grinder, you can trim the nail of your dog in any place of your home. Now most of the dog nail grinder in the market is portable and chargeable.


The quality of the drum

With good quality drum, it will grind the nail effectively and quickly.

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