How To Prevent Skin Allergy For Your Dog

Skin allergy of pets is common problem which pet owner need to handle from time to time. Just like human being, animals can’t be health all the time. Although skin allergy is common skin disease, most cases are easily to treat. With appropriate medical care, skin allergy can be cured. However, some skin allergy can be prevented before it appears on the skin of your pet dogs. Below is some guides to prevent your pet dogs to get skin allergy.

1. Help your pet dog bathing regularly.
Unlike human, animals can’t maintain basic hygiene by themselves,especially for animals with long hair, if they get wet by water, it will cause problem for their skin. Bugs and bacteria may appear. If the owner doesn’t maintain regular hygiene for their pet dogs, it may also cause skin problem for the owner. Bathing your pet dog regularly can keep skin allergy away. And also it’s good for owner’s health.However,some pet dogs don’t like bathing. Therefore, as owner, you must train them to adapt.

2. Prepare appropriate diet for your pet dogs

Dog food should contain a good amount of fatty acids, which are excellent for maintaining your dog’s coat. When your dog’s coat is healthier, it does a better job of blocking out dirt, pollen, and other allergens.

3. Keep your dog far away from allergen.
The most common causes of canine allergic dermatitis are flea allergy, food allergy, inhalant or contact allergy, and allergy to the normal bacterial flora and yeast organisms of the skin. Keep your pet dog away from these allergy sources.

4. Be careful when you shave your dog’s long hair.
Some pet owners like to cut their pet dog’s hair in summer to make them feel cool. But even if your dog has a single layer of hair (like many terriers), its still best to not shave their fur hair in the summer. It would expose their skin to the sun, making them prone to sunburn — and even skin cancer.

5. Dress up your pet dogs with pet clothes during dog walking time

Pet clothes can protect your pet from bugs when you are walking your dog outdoor, Because when your canine friend is playing outdoor, there are great opportunity for bugs or small insects to fly and hide into their hair. Also some flea which can cause skin flea allergy may jump into the hair of your pet dogs. And If your dog is playing in the woods. Some thorny seed may adhere to their hair. All this factors can cause skin allergy problems. Choose appropriate pet clothes for your dog can make your pet dog more safe during dog walking time, make their skin less expose to the outdoor environment.

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