Why you need to trim the nail of your dogs and cats

A dog or cat’s nail is growing each day just like human’s nail. When animals are living in the wild, they will trim their nails by scratching on the tree or digging a hole on the ground. This often can be seen when a cat is trimming its claws by scratching on the tree.Therefore, if you own a pet, it’s very important to trim your pet’s nail regularly. Keep your pet’s claws in a sensible length is very important.

Here is why you have to trim your dog’s nail often. Don’t be lazy.

1.Trim the nail for your pet can Keep your carpets and flooring safe from the destruction of your pet.

If you don’t trim the claws of your dog or cat, they will feel uncomfortable and they will tear your carpet and flooring by scratching their claws on it. The behavior is by nature. If your dog is living in the wild, they will use their claw to dig a hole. By this way they use their claw regularly and their nails won’t be too long. The cats are similar, they will climb the tree and trim their claws by scratching on the tree often. And their claws won’t grow too long.

So when you keep a pet, they are living in your house other than in the wild. If you don’t trim their nails, they will do it by destroying your carpets or flooring.

2.Trim the nail for your pet can Prevent your furniture being scratch by your cat.

If you are raising a cat, you have to protect your furniture. Cats are always quiet, unlike dogs,they don’t tear your furniture by their tooth. However,if you don’t trim their claws regularly, they will do it by themselves, they will scratch your sofa and other furniture. As you know, when cats are living in the wild, they need to grind their claws often for hunting. Therefore, if you don’t trim their claws, their claws will become sharper by grinding on your furniture. At the same time, your furniture are done.

3.Trim the nail for your pet can Keep the owner safe from hurting by their pets indeliberately.

When you have a cat, it’s normal for you to have some scratching wound on your arm.Because cats are using their claws often,while dogs are using their tooth.If you don’t trim the nail of your cat,it’s inevitable to be hurted by it.Although they are not intention to do so. In some case, the owner needs to go to the hospital after scratched by their cats. Therefore, please trim your cat’s nail to keep you safe.

4.Trim the nail for your pet can Stop the curling round grow and ingrowing of your pet.

If some animals can’t trim their nail, their nail will continue to grow. And the claws will grow curling nails. Also the nails will ingrow. In that case it will hurt your pet.They will get mental problem if the nails are growing curl or ingrowing. Your pet may become agitated and irritability.

5.Trim the nail for your pet can Keep your pet far away from infection, maintain the health of your pet.

Once the nail of your pet is ingrowing, their claws may get infection by bacteria. It will cause health problem to your pets.As we know, it’s expensive to go to a pet’s clinic when your pets are not health. As a consequence, trimming the nail for your pet can save you a lot of money.

Therefore, it’s very important to trim your pet’s nail regularly. It’ not only for the health of your pet,but also for the health of the owner. Also trimming the nail of your pet can keep your furniture safe and save your money. As a pet owner, trimming their nail is necessary.

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