Why are cats are easily be attracted by laser pointers

Cats always interested in chasing small insects.Similarly,cats also obsessed with laser pointers. When you flash a laser pointer across the floor, your cats will run to catch the little light dot.By knowing this, cat owners always use laser pointer to interact with their cats, to tease their cats.

Why cats are easily be attracted by laser pointers?

1. Cats’ eyes are different from human’s

Cats’ eyes are more sensitive to the moving object than humans. As the research of scientist, cats’ eyes contain more rods retinal cells than humans. With rods retinal cells, cats can see the object in low light environment. However, the feline retina contain less cones cells which respond to color distinguish. The design of cats’ eyes make them more capable to prey.

Therefore, when a laser point dot is moving fast on the floor, cats may think it is a prey. They can’t distinguish it is a red light dot.

2. The instinct of predatory response from cats

As we know, cats are predator in the wild. They are born with the instinct of predatory.

Since cats can’t distinguish the color of the laser pointer. They will take is as a prey insect or small animal. Although they no longer depend on a hunt for survival, the instinct is still in their brain. When the laser light dot darts on the floor and then move to another place, in most time, it will catch the eyes attention of your cats. This type of movement of the light dot stimulates the predatory instinct. Your cat will stalk, pounce and kill the prey. However, after the first two steps, they can’t kill the laser light dot as you move the light dot to another place. By this way, you can interact with your cats happliy.And your cats can do more excise which is good for their health. Most cats are impassive even they can’t kill the laser light dot.The stalk and pounce without successful kill can also satisfy them. It won’t frustrate your cats. If you are worry about that, you can give them some other toys which they can bite and claw on it

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